Are you experiencing extreme hair loss? But none of your favourite hair products is showing any effects on your issue! Well, we have the best natural solution for you. Our Genome line is an advanced solution for hair growth and amplification for hair loss. It’s an effective way to get your beautiful waves back again without any harmful side effects.

The Story Behind Our Natural Hair Care

Our range of natural hair care for sale is a result of years of research and development. It combines ancient healing properties of Australian bush medicine, Ayurvedic medicine with Chinese hair care remedies and our 21st-century scientific knowledge. We collaborated with Medical Hair Restoration Australia to come up with this highly effective, revolutionary haircare range. Kate Dawes IAT who is a Trichologist and the company director of Medical Hair Restoration Australia recognised an increasing demand for organic health products that can help women and men suffering from hormonal based hair loss.

This common purpose motivated Mervin Anderson, the founder and director of our company, and Kate Dawes IAT to create a range of natural hair care that can minimise the effect of DHT on the hair follicle without any unwanted side effects. With the help of industry-leading pharmacists, biochemists, herbalists, biologists and farming partners, we have proudly created a high-performance hair care line for the whole family. Our advanced formulations, technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing process have aided us in formulating this line with uncompromising quality. Furthermore, our formulas contain the highest quality ingredients, and none of our products is tested on animals. We only use clinically approved ingredients that are suitable for all types of skin.

Our Philosophy

We believe that there is nothing more effective than nature’s own formulas when it comes to organic health products. And that is why we strive to combine modern technology and knowledge with time-tested, ancient formulas to offer you quality products that are both safe and effective. We use Australia’s purest natural treasures and a minimum level of synthetic ingredients to formulate our products, so you can use them with confidence. Whether you want to shop for natural health products or buy natural beauty products, we are your best destination.

Genome Products Range

DHT and high levels of androgens can damage your hair follicles and shorten their lifespan. They can make your hair brittle and increase hair fall. Apart from DHT, hormonal changes, improper blood circulation, inflammation of the follicles, and lack of nutrition can also lead to hair thinning. Our natural hair care for sale, the Genome hair product range is designed to address all these issues and reduce your hair fall. Their effective, natural ingredients will strengthen your hair strands and give them a healthier appearance. All of our products are vegan and clinically tested to ensure complete convenience for our clients. If you want to know more about our natural haircare for sale, please feel free to contact us.

Perks Of Using Genome Hair

  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Effective on all types of hair
  • Do not have any harmful side effects on hair or skin
  • Can restore miniaturised hair when used routinely
  • Works to improve hair density
  • An excellent natural alternative to harsh medications
  • Cruelty-free and clinically tested
  • Made In Australia in TGA approved manufacturing facility
  • Formulated without any synthetic fragrances, but only essential oils
  • Non-toxic
  • Made without mineral oil
  • Free from paraben No sulphate
  • No sulphate
  • No phthalate