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Our Manufacturing Process

We have been formulating exceptional high-grade organic health products for more than ten years. And we take great pride in our safe and sanitised manufacturing process that can easily exceed all Australian and European manufacturing standards for producing pharmaceutical and medicinal products. Our state-of-the-art technology and qualified professionals help us ensure our products are safe, pure and do not have any adverse side effects.

High-Grade Manufacturing Techniques

Whether you want to buy natural skincare or natural hair care for sale, you can buy it with confidence from us because all of our products are manufactured at registered and certified facilities. We have approvals from the Therapeutic Goods Association and HACCP Australia Food Safety Accreditation for our world standard pharmaceutical rendering plant. The certifications mean a huge deal to us as they help us ensure the suitability of the products for utilising in HACCP-based food safety programs and for Good Manufacturing Practice certifications.

There are not many facilities that know how to or have the capacity to produce pure Australian Emu oil without compromising its purity. We are grateful that we can be one of those few manufacturers that you can trust for organic beauty products in Australia.

We do not carry out the type of processing that can remove the vital elements from our natural components. Instead, we follow procedures that would leave this ancient synergy in its natural form. We ensure they stay intact during the rendering process.

Qualities That Sets Us Apart

The quality of our products and our advanced manufacturing process are the main qualities that make us different from others. Our products are never tested on animals. They are vegan and are made with 99.9% natural ingredients. Unlike other manufacturers, we don’t ‘triple refine’ or ‘super refine’ our emu oil and other ingredients. The molecular destructive process can strip off the turbid parts of the oil. The elimination of the most functional components of the oil makes it ineffective. Hence, we try our best to stay true to the ingredients and protect their purity.

We always strive to shield the powerful, beneficial substance of our ingredients and present them as it is to our consumers. So, regardless of whether you want to buy organic body care products or buy natural emu oil pet shampoo, you can get it from our store to enjoy its effective benefits. If you have any further queries regarding our products, contact us without hesitation.